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AR-Series M10 Extra Magazine PREORDER

AR-Series M10 Extra Magazine PREORDER

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PREORDER. Expected ship date: June 28 - July 4.

Requires M10 Upper for use.

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Quickly exchange the magazine (left and right-handed operation possible) of your M10 with each of them having a capacity of 10 bolts. As those magazines fit into standard mag-pouches for AR-15/M-4 rifles it is comfortable to carry around spare magazines. And of course, all our AR-Series arrows fit into these magazines, regardless of if they are target arrows or broadheads.

The benefit of detachable magazines is not only the quick reload, but that it is now very easy to quickly exchange the arrow type. This allows you to adapt to any situation. E.g. if you store your crossbow after a target session, you can still very quickly get it ready for a defensive application by loading a magazine filled with hunting arrows. And with razor sharp broadheads those closed magazine offer another advantage: the dangerous tips are enclosed and it is now much less likely to hurt yourself. Especially our AR-6 speedloader needs some care when using them with razor sharp tips and under stress. So you are not only much quicker with a reload but also much safer.


  • 1 M10 magazine for 6.2x162mm bolts
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