The Philosophy Behind Our Arrows

Every ranged weapon is only as good as the projectile – regardless of whether it fires a bullet (such as a rifle or pistol) or an arrow (such as a crossbow or vertical bow). If the arrow or ammunition is of poor quality, it is difficult to make good hits.

With the AR-6 Stinger II platform, the arrow determines the accuracy and penetration to a large degree. At the same time, proper arrows are also important for the reliability and functioning of the entire crossbow. One more reason to think carefully before making a choice.

There are different tip types for different applications. Broadheads with sharp blades for hunting, bodkin points based on historical designs and made of hardened tool steel, and CNC turned field points for target practice. In addition, the arrow weight must be matched to the draw weight.

Aluminum Arrows

AR-Series – Target Arrows

Our practice arrows with blue anodized aluminum shafts are ideal for starting out with tactical crossbow shooting and are suited to low draw weights (our 35 lb and 55 lb limbs). Thanks to their somewhat lower weight, these arrows have a comparatively flat trajectory and lower penetration, which is ideal for recreational shooting and shorter distances.When they were introduced together with the AR-6 Stinger II in 2019, these arrows were a quantum leap in pistol crossbow arrows and set an entirely new quality benchmark. Since then, we have added higher draw weights to the family, and these arrows are too light for these bows. But they are very good for somewhat weaker pistol crossbows up to an 80 lb draw weight.

Note: It is easy to bend these bolts when pulling them out of the target. Shots at very short distances or into targets that are too hard can also deform the shafts. Bent shafts cause poor accuracy, and can cause malfunctions and dry fires. Bent arrows must be straightened or discarded in any case.

Technical data

Weight 9.2 Gramm / 142 grains
Dimensions 6.2 x 162 mm
Material Anodized aluminum, color code “blue”

Suitable with these limbs

AR-Series - Bodkin Arrows

The black anodized bodkin arrows have a sharp-edged tip made of hardened tool steel and are significantly heavier than the aluminum practice arrows. Due to their higher weight and hard tip, these arrows have enormous penetrating power. Even though they don't have a blade, they cause significantly more damage than the practice arrows. This combined with their ability to penetrate targets particularly well makes these arrows extremely dangerous. Therefore, increased caution is required when handling bodkin arrows and better aiming media are required. We strongly advise against using your own designs as targets. Due to their higher weight, these arrows are gentler on the limbs and limb end caps and are highly recommended from 75 lbs. At the latest, the 90 lbs throwing arm may only be used with these or heavier arrows. With a hard target or at shorter distances, the arrow shaft can bend easily. Therefore, you need to pay close attention to straightness with repeated use and straighten the arrows if necessary. Bent arrows massively worsen the hit result and can lead to malfunctions and dry shots.

Technical Data

Weight 10.5 Grams / 162 grains
Dimensions 6.2 x 162 mm
Material Anodized aluminum, color code "black"

Suitable for these limbs

AR-Series - Hunting Arrows

Our aluminum hunting arrows transform the AR-6 Stinger II repeating crossbow into a very dangerous instrument. Equipped with razor-sharp blades, these arrows cut through fur, skin and tissue with ease, causing profusely bleeding wounds. A single hit with such an arrow can easily cause life-threatening injuries. Therefore, special care must be taken when handling these arrows. We are particularly proud of the excellent flight characteristics and precision of our hunting arrows - a unique selling point that the numerous clones from China can only dream of. These arrows have been developed particularly for hunting applications and pest control. They already have an impressive track record in North America, where hunting with crossbows is very popular.

Note: Hunting arrows are primarily seen as “disposable arrows”. If you miss, the arrow either lands on a stone or tree and is destroyed, or it disappears completely into the undergrowth. Even with a good effective hit, an arrow like this is often lost. Therefore, these arrows are also approved for higher draw weights, but not for repeated use. When struck, the aluminum arrow shaft bends slightly.

Technical Data

Weight 10.0 Grams / 154 grains
Dimensions 6.2 x 162 mm
Material Anodized aluminum, color code "red"

Suitable for these limbs