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FENRIS & M1 Bundle

FENRIS & M1 Bundle

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The Fenris is simultaneously an:

  • Arrow quiver/magazine (capacity of 5 arrows)
  • Bow release with thumb trigger
  • Pump action repeating system

The Fenris Compound Bow M1 is a specially selected and configured compound bow for the FENRIS-magazine:

  • Magnesium riser
  • 7075 aircraft-grade aluminum cams
  • Premium limbs are manufactured in the USA

Red Dot Bundle:

  • Pack contains: FENRIS magazine (incl. 5 arrows), M1 bow, 1 red dot sight, 1x CR2032 battery, assembly material

Fenris Laser Bundle:

  • Pack contains: FENRIS magazine  (incl. 5 arrows), M1 bow, 1 green laser sight, FENRIS laser mount, 1x 14250 battery, assembly material
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  • A Fenris-equipped bow is neither crossbow nor bow – it is a completely new arrow weapon category, although legal wise, it is considered to be a vertical bow. It’s easier to learn than a crossbow and much faster to get ready to shoot than a bow. No other arrow weapon offers these advantages. It’s easily possible to fire all 5 arrows in less than 5 seconds.
  • The Fenris is a solid, featherlight, precise accessory suitable for most* modern bows. Without much training effort, the shooter achieves a high level of accuracy and marksmanship in the shortest possible time as well as an incredibly fast shot sequence. The magazine can be detached quickly for transport.


  • The Fenris is CNC-machined from high-quality aluminum and professionally hard anodized. It’s made in Austria, making it a premium piece with top-notch accuracy and precision!
  • The M1 Compound bow has a draw weight that ranges from 17 to 70 lbs and a draw-length that ranges from 19 to 30 inches. Its riser is made of high grade magnesium, its cams of aircraft-grade aluminum and its limbs are made in the USA
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