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AR-Series Carbon Warbolts - Set of 5

AR-Series Carbon Warbolts - Set of 5

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AR-Series – light warbolts

The light Warbolts are ideal for 35 and 55 lbs, but are also suitable for up to 90 lbs thanks to their high weight. They have a carbon shaft, a hardened tool steel point glued into the shaft, and a high quality polymer nock.

Technical data

Weight: 11.3 Gramm / 174 grains

Dimensions: 6.2 x 162 mm

Material: Carbon, color code "green"

AR-Series – heavy warbolts

The heavy Warbolts (marked by an additional stainless steel ring) are designed for our limbs with higher draw weights (90 to 150 lbs). They have a high-quality aluminum nock and a hybrid carbon/aluminum shaft, meaning there is an aluminum core running inside the carbon shaft. This complex structure offers outstanding flight characteristics and makes the arrows extremely robust. At a weight of 247 grains, these arrows are considerably heavier and strike their target with high momentum. This allows them to carry extreme momentum into the target and to transfer a high degree of energy from the limb. This momentum combined with the sharp blade makes these arrows very effective and extremely dangerous.

Technical data

Weight: 16 Gramm / 247 grains

Dimensions: 6.2 x 162 mm

MaterialCarbon/aluminum hybrid stock, stainless steel ring, "green" color code


  • 5 Carbon Warbolts (heavy or light)