The Philosophy Behind our Limbs

Our AR-6 Stinger II is not just a crossbow. It is a versatile platform for a wide range of uses, from pure fun shooting at empty beverage cans, ambitious sporting to serious hunting use in emergency and survival situations.

At the same time, our Stinger should be accessible to the widest possible audience and everyone (men and women) should be able to use it safely as well as quickly and comfortably.

Therefore, we have developed a wide range of limbs to offer an ideal solution for every shooter and every application.

Note: Not every combination of limb, stinger model, and arrows is reasonable! Below you can get an overview of which uses and combinations we consider viable.

  • The AR-6 Stinger II Compact is designed for fast and dynamic shooting frequencies and therefore only works really well with lower draw weights. For this reason, we recommend the CQ (35 lbs) or standard (55 lbs) limb for optimal use.
  • The AR-6 Stinger II Tactical shines with its versatility of use. It is good to use with limbs ranging from 35 to 90 lbs.

CQ 35 lbs Limb - Short Range/Close Quarter

Ideally suited for short distances, frequent training, and indoor use. The AR-6 Stinger II Compact comes by default with this limb.

Our CQ limb enables the fastest shooting sequences and, due to the lower stress on shooters and material, also particularly long training times. However, especially with broadheads, this limb is also very dangerous and requires the same level of compliance with all safety rules when shooting.

Note: Due to the low draw weight, this limb is thinner and a bit more "fragile" than our other limbs, which are quite indestructible. As with all other limbs, the same applies here: The fitting of a string must always be done with a stringing aid.

In our view, the CQ limb is the ideal all-rounder for the Compact and at the same time good for training with Tactical and Survival.

Tactical 55 lbs Limb - The Standard Bow

Our standard limb for the AR-6 Stinger II Tactical and the Survival. From our point of view, the balanced combination of power, speed, and robustness. This limb can still be cocked with the Compact without sacrificing too much shooting frequency. On the AR-6 Stinger II Tactical, this one is an ideal limb for indoor shooting and shorter ranges. With broadheads, however, the 55 lbs limb is absolutely deadly and should only be used with extreme caution. It provides good strength for beginners without causing too much wear on the string and limb tips.

Advanced 75 lbs Limb - For Demanding Users

The limb for all those shooters who want more power, but don't want to deal too much with the issue of maintenance and care. A straightforward limb that offers more than enough power for most applications. Although the 75 lbs limb can still be cocked on the Compact, fast shooting sequences are no longer possible. For most shooters, the ADVANCED is not going to be a good fit on the Compact anymore. For the Tactical, on the other hand, it is the optimal compromise between more power and manageable wear.

Pro 90 lbs Limb - For Professional Users

The ideal limb for professional users and special applications such as hunting or defense. In our view, this limb represents the optimum for the AR-6 Stinger II Tactical - very high penetrating power paired with a significant increase in range, but still well and quickly cockable with the support of the buttstock. However, this limb needs more care and is not forgiving of mistakes or negligent behavior. Even a single dry shot without an arrow can result in destroyed limb tips or damage to the limb. We therefore recommend the use of aluminum limb tips.

Recommended for these arrows

* The use of arrows weighing less than 10 grams (155 grains) will cause damage to the equipment.