Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below you can find answers to the most asked questions.

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General questions

What are the shipping costs?

Within the US shipping rates apply for orders up to $150 and shipping is free above $150.
For Canada international rates apply based on size and weight of shipment.

For Canada customs and import fees will also be charged by the shipping company (UPS, USPS or FedEx).

What are the payment options?

You can pay via credit card, PayPal as well as instalments.

Will I receive tracking information?

Yes, you will receive an e-mail with a tracking number as soon as your order has left our warehouse.

How long does it take until I receive my order?

Orders usually get sent out 1-2 days after payment and will then take an additional 2-4 days to arrive at your address.

The ordered items are damaged/items are missing.

If this is the case please contact us at

Do you offer military/law enforcement discount?

Yes, we do offer a 10% discount for military/law enforcement personnel/veterans. Please contact us to receive the code for this.

I can't find the item I want in the shop.

There are a lot of products that are not yet available in the US but are available through our Austrian store.

We do however have most of those available in small quantities in the US so please contact us if you are interested in such items.

What are your terms & conditions?

Our terms can be found here: Steambow T&C


What is the difference between the AR-6 Stinger II Tactical and Compact?

The Tactical is equipped with a buttstock that improves the cocking of the crossbow by providing leverage with the buttstock. This means that limbs with a higher draw weight can be used. This increases range and penetration. However, the cocking process is harder and may take longer.

The Compact is cocked by pulling back the cocking device. It’s extremely fast. A rate of under one second per bolt is definitely achievable. However, the compact lacks the leverage of the Tactical. As a result, weaker limbs are used.

Both products are sporting goods! Nevertheless, the power of both Stingers should not be underestimated

Does the Stinger come with arrows?

Yes, the crossbow comes with the following arrows:
– 6 blue practice bolts with the Tactical
– 6 black bodkin bolts with the Compact

Which limb does the Stinger come with?

– 55 lbs limbs with the Tactical
– 35 lbs limbs with the Compact
The 55 lbs and 90 lbs limbs are available separately.

At which distances can I use the Stinger?

With the 90 lbs limb you can expect good accuracy at up to 100 feet, with the 55lbs limb you can expect good accuracy for up to 80 feet and with the 35 lbs limb you can get good results at up to 50 feet.

How many arrows does the magazine hold?

All AR-6 models have a magazine capacity of 6 arrows.

What do I need to watch out for before using the Stinger?

A quick check to see if everything is in order is usually sufficient. Taking a particular look at the limb end caps and the string (especially the centre serving) is also good practice. If there signs of damage, please replace them before using your Stinger.

What do I do if I lost a small part or broke a spring?

Don’t worry, our spare parts kit for the Stinger includes all relevant replacement parts for your Stinger II. Including three springs, various screws, washers, and nuts, and a replacement fiber optic front sight. The springs can also be used in the AR-6 Stinger I.

When cocking the Stinger II Compact the string does not snap into the cocked position. What can I do to prevent this?

Please check whether the two silver cocking rods on your Stinger are set correctly. These must not stand vertically upwards or point towards the magazine. Instead, they should be angled about 30 degrees away from the magazine to position the string correctly when cocking.

How do I correctly cock the AR-6 Stinger II Compact?

In order not to damage your Compact and to have fun shooting for a long time, you should operate the rear black cocking handle with three fingers (index, middle and ring finger). This will actuate the cocking mechanism evenly. Also, be careful not to obstruct the mechanism’s springs with your fingers.

Which sighting options do you recommend?

In practice, you can make very accurate hits with the standard fibre optic front sight. What you want in addition depends on you personally. However, the combination with a red laser and red dot sight has proven very practical and very suitable for everyday use.
The red dot sight for use in daylight or outdoors and the red laser for shooting in the dark or indoors as well as aiming without a firm cheek weld on the stock.

What are the differences between the 2 lasers?

The output wattage, the color, and the method of mounting.
– The red laser is housed directly in the magazine, has an output of < 1 mW and is primarily used for indoor shooting and/or in twilight or dark conditions. - The green laser is attached to the side of the magazine, has an output of < 5 mW and is mainly used for shooting in daylight. In general, our eyes can pick up the color green much more easily than red. This is also apparent when using the two lasers in daylight. The green laser will still be highly visible under conditions where the red laser would be virtually invisible.

What batteries do the different sights use?

For the red laser you need three AG13/357A/CX44/LR44W batteries.

For the red dot you will need a CR2032 3V battery.

For the green laser you will need a 14250 3.7V battery.

For the flashlight you will need a CR123 3V battery.

Batteries are included with all sights.

How do I make operating the Stinger even faster/easier?

The best way to increase speed and ease of use is by using our speedloader which allows you to quickly load the magazine with 5 arrows.

Which advantages come with using the tuning trigger?

The tuning trigger reduces the trigger weight so that the bow can be fired more easily even when using higher poundage limbs.

The tuning trigger is especially ideal for beginners and target shooters.

The tuning trigger also reduces the possibility of having a trigger control error.

Can I exchange the butt stock for a different one?

Yes, we use a commercial spec buffer tube which means that almost every butt stock can be used.

How do I stop my Stinger II Compact from misfiring?


What is the FENRIS?

The FENRIS is simply an accessory for a vertical bow. Because a vertical bow needs the operator’s muscle power to keep the bow drawn to remain ready to fire, the FENRIS on a bow is not a crossbow. Crossbows can be drawn back and cocked and can remain that way without any additional effort from the archer.

With which bows can the FENRIS be used?

You can combine the FENRIS magazine with most common compound bows. Make sure your bow has a tapped Berger hole for an arrow rest. If your bow meets this requirement, then you can use it with the FENRIS. If there are two Berger holes, then you can attach the FENRIS directly to the bow. If your bow only has one Berger hole, you can get a universal adapter for your FENRIS in our shop. This adapter comes with different screws so that it is suitable for most compound bows and the FENRIS magazine can be mounted on your compound bow.

How many arrows does the magazine hold?

The magazine holds five arrows.

It is also possible to use flat/2D broadheads with the FENRIS.

Some mechanical broadheads do also fit in the magazine. The important part to watch out for is that the tips should be as slim as possible so that they can be stacked.

Does the FENRIS come with arrows?

Yes, the FENRIS bow magazine comes with five arrows with field tips.

Can I use my own arrows?

Yes, you can. The important thing is that you use the FENRIS nocks. You can get these in our shop. You also have to work with two vanes when fletching, otherwise the arrows cannot be stacked.

How do I correctly set up the FENRIS?

The string should not touch the rails of the magazine at any point during the drawing process. It should run in the middle between them without making contact. You can set the correct position with the four screws on the mounting bracket.

Which sights can I use with the FENRIS?

There are many options here. You can find a selection in our shop: the laser sight specially adapted for the FENRIS (Part 0000318) or the red dot sight (Part 0000150). You can also use front and rear open sights with the rear sight rail (Part 0000320) or you can equip your FENRIS with a scope, to name just a few of the most common examples. Pin sights have also been successfully fitted if a ghost ring sight is mounted on the rear sight rail.

How many pounds does the M1 bow have?

THe M1 bow can be set anywhere between 17 and 70 lbs.

Should I lubricate the bow string?

Yes, please lubricate the string regularly with string wax. You can get a suitable wax in our shop.

What is the auxiliary grip used for?

The finger grip lets you hold the FENRIS at full draw comfortably for a longer period of time. With the ergonomic finger grip fitted to your FENRIS, even the strength of your index finger on your bow hand can be enough to hold the bow at full draw thanks to the left-off of compound bows.

What is the rear picatinny rail used for?

You can use the rear sight rail to attach a variety of accessories that fit on a Picatinny rail.

What is the universal mounting bracket used for?

You only need the universal adapter if you want to attach your FENRIS to a compound bow that only has one tapped Berger hole for mounting an arrow rest.

What battery do I need for the FENRIS sighting options?

For the red dot you will need a CR2032 3V battery.

For the green laser you will need a 14250 3.7V battery.

Batteries are included with all sights.

Still have questions?

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