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AR-Series Carbon Bodkin Arrows - Set of 6

AR-Series Carbon Bodkin Arrows - Set of 6

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AR-Series – light bodkin arrows

The light Bodkin Arrows are ideal for 35 to 75 lbs and have a carbon shaft, a glued hardened tool steel point, and a high quality polymer nock.

Technical data

Weight: 9.8 Gramm / 151 grains

Dimensions: 6.2 x 162 mm

Material: Carbon, color code "black"

AR-Series – heavy bodkin arrows

The heavy Bodkin Arrows (marked by an additional stainless-steel ring) are designed for our limbs with higher draw weights (90 to 120 lb). They have a high-quality aluminum nock and a hybrid carbon/aluminum shaft, meaning there is an aluminum core running inside the carbon shaft. This complex structure offers outstanding flight characteristics and makes the arrows extremely robust. At a weight of 228 grains, these arrows are considerably heavier than most pistol crossbow arrows and strike their target with high momentum. They can more easily penetrate hard target materials like metal sheeting or glass.

Technical data

Weight: 14.8 Gramm / 228 grains

Dimensions: 6.2 x 162 mm

Material: Carbon/aluminum hybrid stock, stainless steel ring, color code "black"


  • 6 Carbon Bodkin Arrows (heavy or light)