With the Steambow FENRIS, beginners shoot accurately within hours, and experienced bow hunters shoot faster and with greater confidence than ever before.
Ultra light, very easy to handle, with an extremely fast rate of fire and more than enough power for all applications: the AR-6 Stinger II, probably the best tactical crossbow in the world.
The compact version of the AR-6 Stinger II. Amazingly strong in all close-range situations. Accessorize with the new Steambow Speedloader, a red dot sight, laser, and special arrows depending on the task at hand.
Optimized for a high rate of fire and as many cocking operations as possible out of a single compressed air bottle. The ONYX produces speeds of up to 330 fps and takes near to no physical strength to cock.
The Bulldog 440 is the strongest crossbow in our portfolio, but even its 300-lbs draw weight is no problem for the Steambow PowerUnit. Excalibur's experience and Steambow's innovation in a single package.
About Steambow

Our Steambows

The Steambow PowerUnit has revolutionized the crossbow. From near-silent operation to collapsible limbs for transport to near tool-free string replacement, operating a high-power crossbow has never been this easy.

The retrofitted Excalibur Bulldog 440 tops our product range in terms of power, but the Steambow ONYX, developed specifically for use with the PowerUnit, isn't a lightweight either.

For high draw weights and arrow speeds at singular ease of use, opt for a Steambow.

Meet the Stinger

With the Stinger, we took the concept of the pistol crossbow and transformed it into an incredibly powerful, optionally laser-equipped sixshooter.

Enabling you to fire 6 arrows in just under 10 seconds, the Stinger lends itself to small game hunting as much as to shooting practice and self defence.

Versatile and with lots of available extra kit, the Stingers are both fun and effective.

Enter the FENRIS

This 5-round bow magazine, mounted on almost any modern compound bow, makes archery child's play.

The FENRIS lets you skip years of practice, and instead head straight for the bullseye. An afternoon's practice is enough to achieve a degree of speed and accuracy previously thought impossible for a beginner.

The FENRIS is the extension the vertical bow has been waiting for.

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