Our patented system allows you to cock a crossbow quickly and silently, and to reload in a matter of seconds.

Steambow Powerunit

Steambow Powerunit

Steambow is a combination of a conventional crossbow and our patented cocking system. This lets you cock the crossbow quickly, without effort, and without noise – and also lets you collapse the crossbow for transport.

The geometry of the limbs is not changed, so the precision and ergonomics are identical to those of the original crossbow. Power is provided by standard compressed air tanks and CO2 capsules as are used in paintball.


You can collapse your Steambow down in just a few seconds using the two quick-release pins. The limbs are then folded along the mainframe, and your Steambow can fit in a normal bag. You need no tools to fold the limbs back.


Thanks to our pneumatic cocking system, you need no effort to cock a crossbow, even if the draw weight is very high. A loaded Steambow can be made ready to fire in less than a second at the push of a button. This allows rapid follow-up shots and reloading in any position and at any time, and also allows the crossbow to be uncocked with no risk.

Unchanged precision

As soon as the Steambow is cocked, the limbs are in exactly the same position as when they were mounted on the original riser. This mean that the Steambow offers the same performance metrics as the original crossbow, such as bolt speed and precision. Our Power Unit increases the weight compared with the original riser, but this makes it easier to hold the crossbow steady and reduces felt recoil.

Enhanced safety

Because the Steambow can be cocked without effort and silently at any time, there is no more need to climb or move over obstacles with a cocked crossbow. This substantially reduces the risk of an accidental discharge, and you can assume your shooting position in a safe manner. Because even if no bolt is loaded, dry firing a crossbow can also be dangerous for the operator. With a Steambow, you do not cock the limbs until you have reached your shooting position and are ready to fire.

Why compressed air?

There are a number of good reasons that led to us choose compressed air as the power source for our Steambows. First of all, the cocking function – the crux of the solution – is silent and rapid. Second, compressed air is not affected by temperature fluctuations. Which means that a Steambow works just as well in the extreme cold of the high mountains as it does in the heat of the desert. And last but not least, our compressed air system is impervious to moisture and humidity. Plus, the vibrations that occur during firing cannot harm our valve. The paintball tanks that we use are very safe and can store a great deal of energy and yet can be refilled in just a few seconds. This means that a Steambow works reliably and safely in any situation.

Works without compressed air

You can use our locking blocks to secure the limbs in the forward position, the position they would be in on the original riser. Then, you can manually cock your Steambow without compressed air. You can easily mount our locking blocks when you have residual pressure in the air tank, or by using a cocking aid if you have no compressed air at all.

Adjustable draw weight

A very powerful crossbow is not always suitable for some uses, for example regular practice or shooting on a 3D course. Unlike a conventional crossbow, the draw weight of a Steambow can be adjusted. This not only substantially reduces your air consumption, but also makes it easier to pull the bolts out of the targets. When the draw weight is reduced, the bolts travel at a slower speed, making them less dangerous, and the practice targets last much longer. The draw weight is set using rings of different colors, so anyone can easily see that the draw weight has been reduced.


Ready to fire in seconds



The limbs are folded to save space, allowing the Steambow to fit easily in a normal bag.



Hook the string into the latch. This requires no effort because the limbs are not under tension.


Cock the Steambow

Press the knob on the main valve to silently cock the Steambow and make it ready to fire.