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AR-Series laser sight incl. universal mount

AR-Series laser sight incl. universal mount

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The green laser stands for good viewability, even in broad daylight. In combination with the flexible universal mount the laser can be mounted on all models of the AR-6 series.

With the AR-6 Stinger with polymer magazine you will need to drill 2 holes in the magazine for that. The thread on the bottom of the mount can be used for a more accurate adjustment of the laser.


  • Laser
  • Battery
  • Universal mount
  • assembly material
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  • Laser sight incl. mount for the AR-6 series

Assembly instructions:

  • Remove the bolt using the Allen key
  • Take off the cover
  • Loosen the screws on the magazine to be able to take the two side parts apart
  • Drill holes at the marked points
  • Insert the nut
  • Fasten the universal mount with screws according to the packaging
  • Reassemble the half-shells with screws. Attention! Tighten the screws by hand with a screwdriver carefully!
  • Fasten the cover with bolts
  • Attach the magazine to the base body, according to the operating instructions
  • Fasten the laser in the universal mount with grub screws