Meet the Best Repeating Crossbow in the World

Lightweight and easy to handle, the Steambow AR-6 Stinger II Tactical delivers impressive speed and tactical performance.

With a commercial spec AR-15 stock, this tactical version of the popular Singer II is incredibly comfortable to shoulder and easy to cock. The magazine design aids in quick reloading and can accommodate broadheads and bodkin arrows.

It boasts a fast rate of fire, offers enough power for any application, and can reach speeds of 245 fps. It is constructed of shock-and UV-resistant polymer, and a built-in fiber-optic front sight allows for fast target acquisition.

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Some of the best Features of the AR-6 Stinger II Tactical

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Extremely High Rate of Fire

Cocking is extremely easy and convenient and makes shooting a breeze!

Easy to use

The very straightforward operation of the crossbow and leveraged cocking system make it easy to use for all!

Extensive platform

The built-in picatinny rails, commercial spec buffer tube as well as original accessories for the Tactical make this crossbow extremely versatile.

Highest quality materials based on Austrian Engineering

The AR-6 Stinger II Tactical is built from weapons-grade high quality polymer and has been designed in Austria by abiding Steambows guiding principles

Extremely lightweight

With the crossbow only being just over 2.5 lbs and its fairly compact dimensions it is extremely portable and can be conveniently stowed away.

  • Arrows

    We offer arrows for all use cases and draw weights. Our aluminum arrows are color-coded and optimized for maximum use. In combination with our arrow target you can get everything you need.

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  • Limbs

    We currently offer 4 limbs ranging from 35 to 90 lbs and will soon be offering a 120 & 150 lbs limb as well. With such a wide range we offer a draw-weight for every use-case, from recreational use to hunting.

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  • Customization

    The AR-6 Stinger II platform offers a wide range of tuning and customization options. From 7 color-kits to conversion kits there are a ton of options to build your Stinger how you truly want it.

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