Dear customers, supporters and friends of Steambow!

It’s now been 6 months since we started selling our first PowerUnit and had our first public event at IWA 2018 – time for a short review and a big thank you!

In this very demanding and stressful time, we received an incredible amount of support and feedback.

Many people from all around the world, contacted us, encouraged us and gave us the necessary support to carry on!

And many of those people were willing to buy our products although we were rather expensive in the beginning.

This high price was not only because we deliver outstanding quality but mainly because we were producing in very low numbers, had a weak bargaining position with our suppliers (because we were a small and unknown company) and had a laborious, elaborate and partly even manual manufacturing process.

Each of these PowerUnits from this first production series contains a small part of us. Each and every one was lovingly assembled by us company founders personally.

All of you who supported us in this time of hardship have a special place in our hearts and have earned our deepest gratitude: Without you, Steambow would not exist anymore. You enabled us to keep going, to grow and continue our business.

Fortunately, we have survived this hard, initial period!

We invested a lot of time and resources into improving our manufacturing capacities and found ways and means to reduce the costs significantly.

That we are now able to offer a price level representing a true series production makes us very happy:

USD 850 including free shipping to the USA and Canada – together with our improved valve design, a comprehensive owner’s manual, our new quiver mount and everything that you need for the conversion.

Thanks again to all of you who believed in our idea, supported us with your hard-earned money and strengthened us to carry on – without you we would have never succeeded!

Gerald Missbach
CEO & Co-Founder