Steambow Powerunit


We offer our Power Unit as an upgrade for your crossbow. The conversion only takes a few minutes and requires no special tools other than a stringing aid to remove the string. Nevertheless, we recommend that you contact one of our dealers to have your crossbow upgraded. You can find a service partner near you at Dealers.


STEAMBOW crossbows

We offer complete Steambows that are ready to go for dealers and end customers. In this case, we install a Power Unit on a new crossbow and optimally adjust and configure it. Every Steambow is then tested and sent to you in a high quality box with a practical carrying handle.

Steambow Zubehör

STEAMBOW accessories

We have developed a wide range of accessories so you can individually configure your Steambow. From our locking blocks that allow you to operate your Steambow manually without compressed air and power reduction rings for more convenient practice to string silencers that make your Steambow even quieter.

And we of course also have other accessories such as paintball tanks, bolts, and just about everything else an archer could desire.