Magazine for compound bows

The FENRIS is neither a classic bow nor a crossbow: with it, Steambow is introducing something completely new to the market.

The combination of a magazine and a compound bow creates a completely new feeling—and, spoiler alert: it's highly addictive.

Shooters can achieve a high level of accuracy without extensive training in just a short time, paired with an incredibly fast rate of fire.

Draw weight
min lbs*
max lbs*
Draw length

* mounted on the M1 compound bow


Complete set of the Steambow FENRIS bow magazine and the M1 compound bow. Unmatched ease and accuracy even for beginners: with the Steambow FENRIS, anyone can shoot accurately within hours, and experienced bow hunters shoot faster and with greater confidence than ever before. Thanks to the magazine and its comfortable release, the draw weight is always exactly the same.

Delivery includes:

  • Steambow FENRIS bow magazine incl. set of 5 arrows
  • M1 compound bow
  • Mounting adapter
  • Steambow FENRIS laser sight
  • Steambow FENRIS arrows, set of 5 (in addition to the magazine set)
  • Instruction manual

FENRIS bow magazine

The original Steambow FENRIS bow magazine as first proposed by YouTuber and entrepreneur Jörg Sprave in 2017. Steambow never stopped working on its concept and design, and we have since developed it into an example of an innovative approach to archery.

Stable, light, and precise, the Steambow FENRIS can be mounted on most modern compound bows. Available also in the FENRIS/M1 bundle (see above).

Delivery includes:

  • Steambow FENRIS bow magazine
  • Carbon arrows with target tips, set of 5
  • Mounting adapter
  • Mounting set
  • Instruction manual

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See the FENRIS in action

Why get a FENRIS?


The FENRIS is designed to let you shoot five arrows without taking a hand off the bow. You stay on target throughout the entire sequence of shots. 5 shots can be fired within seconds.


With the Steambow FENRIS, you bypass several exercise-intensive aspects of archery. All you have to do is concentrate on your target, the magazine and trigger do the rest. Within mere hours, achievements are possible for which you would otherwise need to practice several years.


The FENRIS is so precisely manufactured that every time you reload, your bow is stretched exactly to the millimeter. This helps you aim and ensures consistent results.


The arrows are safely stored in the FENRIS magazine, and the Fenris only becomes active when the bow is drawn.


The Steambow FENRIS has a release mechanism that is as simple as the trigger on a firearm and can be set up either vertically or horizontally, depending on your needs. Depending on how the magazine is attached to the bow, you trigger it with your thumb or little finger.


The specially shaped magazine lever lets you feel when the magazine is empty. This is an effective protection against accidentally firing without an arrow, and against the associated damage to your bow. If you draw the bow without an arrow, the magazine will catch the string.


Once the FENRIS magazine has been loaded, you can always shoot with the same tension. When you draw your bow, the FENRIS recharges at the same time. So you can shoot all the arrows in the magazine in quick succession.


The FENRIS can be stored loaded. Since it is not under any tension, the system is safe, while the FENRIS is ready to fire with a quick flick of the wrist.

The fastest bow in the world?

Watch Survival Lilly put the Steambow FENRIS to the acid test.

Technical specifications

Magazine capacity 5 arrows
Draw weight 17-70 lbs
Powerstroke 27 in / 68.6 cm
Weight 7.05 lbs / 3.2 kg
Length 32.7 in / 83 cm

Designed by Steambow in Austria


Are arrows included?

Yes, five arrows with target tips are included.

Can I also use my own arrows?

Yes, you can. It is important that you use the FENRIS cams. You can get these in our shop. In addition, you have to work with two feathers for the fletching, otherwise the arrows can't be stacked.

Can I use broadheads in the FENRIS?

Yes you can. You can find perfectly designed tips in our shop. It is important that you use 2D broadheads, as they are stackable.

How many arrows can the magazine fit?

Five arrows fit in the magazine.

Can I use the FENRIS magazine with other compound bows?

Yes, you can combine the FENRIS magazine with most common compound bows. Make sure your bow uses a thread for the arrow rest. If your bow meets this requirement, nothing stands in the way of using it with the FENRIS. Now check whether there are two threaded holes, then you can attach the FENRIS directly to the arch. If your elbow only has one thread, you can get a universal adapter for your FENRIS in our shop. This adapter is supplied with different screws to make it suitable for most compound bows.

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