Discover Steambow

Steambow turns a conventional, slow crossbow into a compact, fast, and considerably safer self-cocking crossbow.


Steambow is a combination of a conventional crossbow and our patented rapid cocking system. A Steambow is powered by high-pressure air that is stored in the same small, light HPA tanks that have been used and proven in paintball for decades.

These tanks offer high energy density, can be refilled simply and quickly, and are very safe. Plus they survive even the roughest treatment at the hands of professional players in competitive paintball.

The Steambow system is very robust and easy to use – a main valve controls the cocking function and everything else is the same as on the manual version of the crossbow (such as the manual safety and the trigger).

Collapsible for easier transport

You can use the quick-release pins to fold the limbs alongside the stock in seconds. This makes the crossbow narrow enough to fit easily in a normal bag.


You can cock the limbs almost silently within one second. When you relax the limbs after firing, a quiet hissing can be heard as the air escapes.


The string is hooked into the latch with the limbs relaxed, the next bolt is loaded, and the Steambow is ready to be cocked and fired.


You decide when to cock the limbs, ideally just before firing. This precludes many dangerous situations.


A Steambow can be stored and transported with a loaded bolt at zero risk of discharge. The optional disposable capsules also allow a Steambow to be made ready in seconds after being stored for years.


The automatic cocking function allows you to cock the Steambow without effort in any orientation and position, including in tight tree stands.


The limbs of a conventional crossbow are under great tension even when the bow is not cocked. The string cannot be removed from the limbs without special tools and jigs. With a Steambow, you need no tools whatsoever to replace the string.


The limbs of a conventional crossbow are always under tension and can lose their strength over time, especially when exposed to high temperatures. As the limbs of a Steambow are under no tension until pressure is applied, this risk is eliminated.


Made of high-quality aluminum alloys on state-of-the-art CNC machines. All surfaces are hard anodized with a matte finish. This ensures high performance and a long life.

How does a Steambow work?

Steambow in transport configuration

The limbs are folded to the mainframe, the compressed air tank is not attached.

Step 1

Lock the limbs into firing position. This only takes a few seconds with the quick-release pins.

Step 2

Hook the string into the latch. This requires no effort because the limbs are not under tension.

Step 3

Connect the power source. Simply screw the tank into the tank connector.

Step 4

Load a bolt. The Steambow is still entirely safe because the limbs are not under any tension.

Step 5

Press the knob on the main valve to cock the Steambow and make it ready to fire.

Step 6

The Steambow is now cocked and ready to fire. At this point, the Steambow is functionally identical to a conventional crossbow. All handing and the precision are the same as for the basic crossbow.