Our Steambow that is based on the Micro 355 is one of the most compact recurve crossbows in the world – and it is of course self-cocking and collapsible.

But don’t be fooled by its small size – the Micro 355 has plenty of power and can fire a bolt at around 108 meters or over 350 feet per second.

Because it is so compact, the Steambow Micro 355 is ideal for tighter spaces. Regardless of whether you are in the woods, dense underbrush, or a small room, this Steambow can be brought to bear quickly.

Technical data

Bolt speed 355 fps or  108 m/s
Draw weightt 280 lbs. or 130 kg
Power stroke 10″ or 25,4 cm
Total weight 7,4 lbs. or 3,35 kg
Overall length 28,45″ or 72 cm

STEAMBOW Bulldog 400

The Bulldog 400 from the Canadian company Excalibur is not only the perfect combination of speed, power, and ergonomics, but also one of the most powerful hunting crossbows in the world. It fires bolts at a speed of 400 fps (120m/s).

When combined with our Power Unit, it becomes a Steambow – collapsible and self-cocking.

Technische Daten

Bolt speed 400 fps or  120 m/s
Draw weight 280 lbs. or 130 kg
Power stroke 14″ or 35,56 cm
Total weight 8,4 lbs. or 3,8 kg
Overall length 30,7″ or 78 cm