Fast, strong, precise, and easy to handle

Ultra light, very easy to handle, with an extremely fast rate of fire and more than enough power for all applications, that's our new AR-6 Stinger II. Its performance makes it probably the best tactical crossbow in the world.

Add our new Speedloader, and you can also reduce the time it takes to reload the magazine to mere seconds. The extensive accessories available for the Stinger II allow you to adapt it to any requirements: add a red dot sight for accuracy at a distance, a laser and a lamp for nighttime operations, and vary limbs of different strengths as well as arrows depending on how you use your crossbow.

The AR-15 stock added to the tactical version of the Stinger II makes it noticeably more comfortable to use and easier to cock. The fibre optic front sight allows the shooter to quickly acquire any target as well.

Arrow speed
Kinetic energy

Measured using the 90-lbs fiberglass and carbon AR-6 Stinger II PRO limb

Delivery includes:

AR-6 Stinger II Tactical

  • AR-6 Stinger II repeating pistol crossbow with magazine (incl. integrated accessory hold)
  • Vertical foregrip
  • Adjustable stock with commercial spec AR-15 buffer tube
  • 6 target arrows
  • 2 strings
  • String mounting set

The laser sight is available in our shop as an optional accessory.

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Reload the magazine in mere seconds using the Steambow Speedloader. Additional accessories include a red dot sight, laser and lamp for operations at night, limbs of varying power, and specific arrows for any application.



The Stinger II is quickly and easily cocked using the quick release lever. This makes extremely fast firing rates possible.


The magazine can be reloaded very quickly thanks to the spring integrated in the lid. Open the magazine, drop in the arrows, done. The magazine is also suitable for the use of broadheads and bodkin arrows.

Get the new Steambow Speedloader to reload in a matter of seconds!


The new fiber-optical front sight makes aiming with the Stinger II even easier and more intuitive. In combination with the new AR-15 spec stock, the crossbow is even more stable and allows for a level of precision never seen before in a compact crossbow.


Walking around with your crossbow cocked is unnecessary with the AR-6 Stinger II Tactical: it is ready to fire with just one flick of the wrist. The unsafe process of gripping the cocked crossbow is no longer necessary. This makes the AR-6 Stinger II significantly safer than most conventional crossbows.


The AR-6 Stinger II can be stored with a loaded magazine. This is completely safe without tension in the limbs. The AR-6 Stinger II is then made ready to fire with one swift movement.


Thanks to the integrated laser sight, the AR-6 can shoot accurately from any position and posture. Whether from the hip, one-handed, or in free fall, the arrow hits where the laser points.


With a large crossbow, the limbs are always under enormous tension. Without special aids and devices, it isn't possible to stretch the string. With the AR-6 Stinger II you can change the string without tools, while the power of the shot is still considerable.


Steambow works with state-of-the-art materials and production technologies. All our products are developed in Austria and produced to meet only the highest expectations to quality.

Technical data

Length 556 – 632 mm*
Width 445 mm
Height 219 mm
Weight 1.16 kg / 2.55 lbs
Material Shock and UV-resistant polymer

* Including adjustable stock

Designed by Steambow in Austria


Are arrows included?

Yes, the set includes 6 blue training arrows.

Can I use broadhead arrows in the AR-6 Stinger II?

Yes you can. We have developed our own broadhead arrows for the AR-6 Stinger II. You can get them in our shop.

How many arrows does the magazine fit?

The magazine can be equipped with six arrows.

My string is worn out. What can I do about it, or is that how it should be?

The string is a classic wear part on any crossbow. The first string in particular has a significantly shorter lifespan than the following ones. The Stinger II's edges will round off by themselves over time. As a result, the strings that are used later suffer less stress. You can smoothen sharp edges with a file or sandpaper, especially the back position where the string is held after the cocking process.

A clean and well-maintained crossbow and a lubricated rail also contribute to a significantly longer service life.

What can I do if my laser cuts out or doesn't work?

  • Check that the batteries still have enough power.
  • Make sure that the back piece that the switch is on is screwed securely into the housing of the laser.
  • Make sure that the three screws on the front of the laser are screwed in well and are in contact.
  • Use some contact spray on both sides of the switch.

  • Which batteries do I need for the laser?

    You need three AG13 / 357A / CX44 / LR44W batteries.

    Important: Steambow is an Austrian company operating under Austrian law. It is the buyer’s responsibility to make sure the products they order from Steambow are legal in their country and can be shipped there without any issues arising from customs and other restrictions. Steambow GmbH assumes no liability for difficulties arising from the legal situation in the buyer’s country.