About Us

Steambow was born in cooperation between passionate crossbow archers and a precision parts manufacturer with over 15 years of experience in the production of components for the aviation, automotive, and defense industries. After two years of intense collaboration, lots of testing and tweaking, many setbacks and failures, but also key breakthroughs and creative solutions, we are very proud of our Power Unit, the heart of Steambow.

As soon as we had a functioning prototype, we decided to patent our invention worldwide and established our company Steambow GmbH. We have grown considerably since then and have developed additional products and accessories. We are a young and dynamic company with a clear goal: We want to build the best crossbows in the world – silent, self-cocking, collapsible, and robust. A crossbow for professional users.

We use professional CAD software for the designs and drawings and manufacture all parts on state-of-the-art five-axis CNC machines. Our Power Unit is made from aircraft-grade aluminum (7075 alloy) and stainless steel, and we make no compromises in surface coating or the selection of the standard components that we use. This guarantees the highest of quality and a long life.

All parts are milled from solid aluminum alloy blocks and then hard anodized. All Steambows are assembled at our facility by our in-house technicians. We test every Steambow before delivering it.