Bulldog 400

Steambow Bulldog 400


€ 2.599 incl. Taxes

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We will deliver our Steambows in the same order that they are pre-ordered while we ramp up our production capacity. We will begin accepting regular orders as soon as all pre-orders have been fulfilled.

We will also be happy to tell you when you can buy a Steambow normally from a dealer or in our web shop.

Series production has just started, and we are working at full speed to cover the demand. First come – first served!

Depending on when you reserved your Steambow, it may take several weeks for your Steambow to arrive.
Please keep this in mind when placing a pre-order!

Current waiting list status:
Expected delivery date: January 2018

Note: Steambows are subject to the same laws as conventional crossbows. They can be purchased by anyone 18 years of age or older. This means that we must ask for proof of age before we can accept your order.